Name of the Exhibitor Title of the Exhibit Frames Class
Xhitoni, Andri Traditional Philately Albania 1945-1957 (Previous title: Postal Stationery of Albania 1913-1944) 5 2B
Demetr, Julian Albanian Postal History During The Italian Occupation in Albania During WWII  5 3B
Basho, Jovan Stamps of Autonomous Republic of KorÇa    5A
Casielles, Miguel Josè Argentina: San Martín in Oval 1908-1923 Issue 8 2D
Del Fabro, Domingo Antonio Argentina Airmail Issues 1928-1936 8 2D
Reim, Pablo Alejandro Argentine Post - Classic Issues 1867-1887 8 2D
Olivero, Sergio Dario Postmarks Applied on the “Rivadavia” issue 8 3D
Delprato, Martin Horacio Encyclopedia of Argentine Postal History    5A
Delprato, Martin Horacio The Argentine Railways - Branches, Stations and Postal History    5A
Casielles, M./Lencina, J./Miri, J. P  Specialized Catalog of Perforated - Argentine Republic  - C.L.M.    5C
Browne, Stephen The Postal History of South Wales 1801- 1849 8 WSC
Levine, Philip Gold Coast Queen Victoria 5 2C
Beech, Colin U.S. Special Delivery Stamp Issues 1885-1957 & their Usage 8 2D
Chadderton, Bruce Descent into the Abyss, A Philatelic Retelling of the SHOA 5 3A
Collyer, David Postal Charges on Airmail France-Australia 1930- 1933 5 3C
Stafford, Glen Forces Mail in Western Australia During WWII 8 3C
Lewis, Geoffrey Cuba Maritime Postal History 8 3D
Hanacek, Gerhard Ghetto Theresienstadt 1941-1945 5 3A
Marakovic, Nikola Nino Postal History of Bosnia Herzegovina Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Occupation of B&H 1813-1905 8 3B
Seebald, Helmut People's Republic of Yugoslavia Postal History of The Break Down Civil War & Birth of The Succession Countries 1991-2008 5 4B
Dymshits, Mikhail Standartization of Addressing and Indexing  of Postal Items of the Soviet Post (1917-1991) 5 3B
Timofeev, Alexey Russian Postal Wagons of Classical Period (1858-1890) 5 3B
Selis, Luc Ocean Letters 5 3B
Van Tendeloo, Erwin Belgium Issue 1865: Postal Use to Foreign Destinations 5 3B
Heyblom, Guy Study Emission King Boudewyn, Type Velghe 5 4A
Villarroel de Peredo, Martha The Postal History of Bolivia 8 WSC
Villarroel de Peredo, Martha Bolivia 1868-1878  8 3D
Luis Enrique Dorado Vásquez Postales de Bolivia   5B
Risi, Paulo Renato Into the Blues -Palestine 1918 E.E.F. Provisional Stamps Issued for use in the Occupied Territories 5 2A
Santos, Everaldo Navigation Lines Serving South America 8 3D
Costa, Anselmo Catalogue of Freemasonry Personalized Postage Stamps 2004 - 2017   5C
Todorov, Orlin Bulgaria: Small Lion Issue (1889-1901) 8 2B
Radenovski, Dimitar & Kalinkov, Boris The Surgery Tools during the Ages   5A
Kalinkov, Boris & Radenovski Dimitar Academician Dr. N.I.Pirogov- A legendin Surgery   5A
Dechev, Georgi Catalogue of Bulgarian Stamps (2006-2016)   5C
Tillard, Jean-Jacques The Overprints of Saint - Pierre et Miquelon in the 19th Century 8 WSC
Karagiannidis, Anestis The Small Hermes Heads of Greece (1886-1901) 8 2B
Fawn, Fred Canada - The Large Queens 1868-1896. The First Stamps Printed in Canada 8 2D
Weiner, Joel The Civilian Postmarks and Postal Markings of British Jerusalem 1918-1948 5 3A
Chiu, Sammy Development of Chinese Imperial Post Office 1897-1899, Transformation from Customs Post Office 5 3C
Detcheverry, Loic Cancellations of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Stamps.  8 3D
Stelmacovich, Mark Ukrainian Provisional Postage Stamps  5 4A
Tillard, Jean - Jacques Tillard - SPM,  Les Classiques 1885-1908 - Edition 2017- 2018   5A
Wei, Gang The  Postal History of Mongolia (1755-1921) 8 WSC
Li Zhifei, Frank  Estonia 1918-1944 5 2B
Yang ,Chenglu The Postal Stamps by the  Republic of  China Post for the  Certain Provinces (Districs) 5 2C
Ding, Jinsong Postal History of Mongolia (1854-1921) 8 3C
Xie, Hongxue Distinctive Features of China People's Post during the Cultural Revolution 5 3C
Zuo, Ming Domestic Mail Rate during the Early People’s Republic of China(1949.10.1-1951.7.1) 8 3C
Chen, Guocheng Chinese Folk House Regular Stamps 5 4A
Zhou, Liang The Mutual Reflection of Beauty between Aurora the Light of Human Civilization - Philatelic Items Witness Signific Events in Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition   5A
Ni Yulie Zhe Jiang Post Station and Postal History Research   5B
Yanling Philatelic Society Yanling Philatelic Magazine   5B
Feng, Qinghai China FDC Postage Stamp FDC Illustratrated Catalogue (1957-1991)   5C
Chang, Chien-Pin China :Martyrs Issue 1932-1948 5 2C
Hwang, Min-Jou Taiwan ATM Stamps -Taiwan Black Bear 8 4A
Yang, Ming-Kwan Taiwan ATM Stamps (US Style) 5 4A
Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation Journal 20    5A
Chinese Taipei Philatelic Society Chinese Taipei Philatelic Magazine Vol. 94   5A
Ho, Huei-Ching The Revolutionary Life and Historical Memories of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen   5A
Lee, Chin-Fu Collectors' Philatelic Annual Report (2017) Volume 29   5A
Yeh, Alex The Regular Stamps Printed in Taiwan (Since 1950)   5C
Frohlich, Alfredo United States of Colombia 1868 -1881 8 WSC
Cruz, Santiago SCADTA's First Issues- A Traditional Approach to Airmail Stamps  8 2D
Johnson, James C Colombia, Classic Issues 1859-1868 8 2D
Arbalaez, Jorge Enrique Prephilatelic Letters with Content from Colombia 1531- 1859 8 3D
Costa Rica      
Castro-Harrigan, Alvaro Panama: First Issues of the Republic 8 WSC
Vainer Romanowski, Billy Costa Rica Coco Island Issue 1936-1947 5 2D
Reinoso, Juan Costa Rica 1883-1940's Railroad Mail 5 3D
Athanassiou, Costas Postage Stamps of Cyprus - The Victorian Issues 1880-1896  5 2B
Theophilou,Stelios Cyprus Civil Censorship 1914-1959 8 3B
Cyprus Philately Society Cyprus Philately Quarterly Philatelic Magazine    5B
Czech Republic      
Hauzr, Michal Persecution of the Jewish Nation in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Terezin Ghetto 5 3A
Vaníček, Vít  Postal History of Czech Lands (From the Beginning Until 1867) 8 3B
Lukeš ,Emanuel Maps and Columbus Related Philatelic Items of His Four Voyages   5A
Neimark, Henri Mail from French Internment Camps WWII  8 3A
Gervais, Olivier The Revolution of Luminescence Over Time 5 2B
Dutau, Guy French Letters Purified in Metropolitan and Occupied Countries. From the Origin to End of the XIX  Century.  8 3B
Dutau, Guy Mail Disinfection in France and Occupied Countries     5A
Livnat, Raphael Jerusalem French Post in Holyland  1843-1914   5A
Leupold, Wolfgang Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic 1918-1923 8 WSC
Fuchs, Rainer Overland Mail Baghdad -Haifa 1923 -1948 5 3A
Petriuk, Stefan Mongolia 1878 - 1937 5 3C
Deeg, Thomas Variable Rate Stamps - France  5 4A
Global Philatelic NetWork Holy Land -Foreign Post Offices in Palestine 1852-1914   5A
Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh Michel Guide identify stamps! First Edition    5A
Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh Michel Guide Collecting stamps Easy Made!    5A
Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh MICHEL Europe 2017 in 7 volumes - Here MICHEL Central Europe 2017    5C
Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh Michel Overseas in 20 Volumes- Here Michel North Arabia and Iran 2017(part 10.1) and MICHEL South and Central Arabia 2017 (part 10.2)      5C
Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh Michel Germany Specialized 2017 in 2 Volumes. Volume 1: From 1849 up to April 1945;volume 2: From May 1945 up to Now (from Allied Occupation to FRG)    5C
Andreadis, Stavros Kassandra Collection - Greece Large Hermes Heads 8 WSC
Mylonakis, Manolis Postal History of Crete 8 3B
Daes, John The Hellenic Postal Rates 1828- 1875 (2 Volumes)    5A
Karamitsos,A. The Control Figures and the Classification of the Large Hermes Heads   5A
Karamitsos,A. Hellas 2018 3 Volumes   5B
Karamitsos,A. Cyprus 2017    5C
Hong Kong      
Kwan, Tony To Wah Empress Dowager Jubilee and its surcharged Issues 8 2C
 Mak, Kwok Pui The Recovery of the Domestic Air Mail Service
in China 1946 
Kwan,Tony To Wah Studies of Classic Stamps of Qing Dynasty Vol.
18, Yearly Publication of 2016
Wong, Danny Kin Chi The Postal History of Xinjiang (Sinkiang)   5A
Kostyál, Ferenc Hungary 1871 5 2B
Czirók, Dénes The Development of The Mail in Hungary 1750-1850 5 3B
Glatz, István Foreign Frankings from Hungary 1900-1918 5 3B
Ranasaria, Siunil M. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Issues 1948 5 2C
Chandak, Kishor Early Indian Cancellations Postmarks: 1852-1900 8 3C
Jhunjhunmala, Rajesh Postal History of British India (1854-1876) 5 3C
Sharma, Dinesh Chander Philately as a Teaching Tool   5A
Chandak, Kishor Catalogue of the Handstruck Postage Stamp of India -2016 Supplement   5C
anonymous Study of Early Lion Stamps, 1st & 2nd Portrait Issues in Persia 8 2C
anonymous The Postmarks of Iran (Persia) 1875-1925 8 3C
anonymous The stamps of Iran: Qajar, Pahlavi, Islamic Republic   5A
Karpovsky, Itamar Holy Land - Forerunners Postal Services up to 1918  8 WSC
Karpovsky, Itamar Israel 1948 Transition Period. Cities Under Emergency Conditions 8 2A
Alexander, Shaula Turkish Post in the Holy Land 1841-1918 Routs, Rates & Postmarks 8 3A
Faibel , Hedy Prephilately and Foreign Post in the Danubian Principalities 8 3B
Keller, Yuly The Usage of Russia Stamps during the Inflation Period in R.S.F.S.R (1917-1923).  8 3B
Schamroth, Julian Postmarks, Postmark Errors and Postal Routs of Rhodesia 1924-1984 5 3C
Berman, Genady Postal Labels & Forms of Israel   5A
Morani, Vittorio Tuscany 1848-1866 8 WSC
Berta, Ruben Postal History of Italian Peace Keeping Missions 1950-2017 5 3B
Palumbo, Giorgio The Siege of Paris and it's Destinations  5 3B
Rigo, Franco Venice, the Contagion, the Quarantine, the Disinfection, the Quarantine Hospitals… (Previous Title: Postal History of The Health Office From the  XVI to The XIX Century) 8 3B
Fumu, Antonello 1850/78 - Atlantic Mail Routes from and to Americas 5 3D
Manzati, Claudio Ernesto Italian High Values Definitive Stamps "Italia Turrita e Cifra"  5 4A
Bottani, Tarcisio Francesco Taxis and the Birth of the European Postal Services in the Renaissance    5A
Carraro, Diego 1866: The Third Italian War of Independence, The Italian Field Post Office (2014)   5A
Rigo, Franco Venice and the Levant   5A
Vaccari SRL The Postal Reform of 1863 in The Kingdom of Italy (2017)   5A
Migliavacca, Giorgio Compendium of the History of the Posts in Italy   5A
Vaccari SRL Vaccari Magazine 2017- No.57+ No.58   5B
Carraro, Diego Sassone Specialized  Catalogue of Italian Republic and Trieste Stamps   5C
Inoue, Kazuyuki Japanese Post Offices and Foreign Postal Activities in Korea 1876-1909  8 WSC
Yoshida, Takashi Kingdom of Prussia 1850-1867 8 2B
Yamada, Yuji Japan 1871-1876 Hand Engraved Issues 8 2C
Yoshida, Takashi Japan Definitives 1922-1937  5 2C
Naito, Yosuke Postal History of Auschwitz 1939-1945 5 3B
Shoda, Yukihiro International Exhibition History 1965-2004   5A
Stampedia.inc Japan Definitive  Issues 1922-1937 Landscape Stamps for Surface Rates    5A
Stampedia.inc Stampedia Philatelic Journal   5B
Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation  Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Volume1, Volume 2    5C
Huys-Berlingin, Jan  The First Three Stamps of Belgium 1849: The "Epaulettes" and the "Medallion" 40c  8 2B
Vertommen, Yves Kingdom of Belgium. The Stamps of the "Medallion" Type 1849-1866 5 2B
Bonnici, Alfred The Malta Philatelic Society Journal     5B
Voruz, Jean Geneva Postal Services 1839-1862 8 WSC
Laar van de, Ton The Transition from Palestine to Israel 5 2A
Zonjee, Arie Express Labels of the Netherlands 5 2B
Pieters, Sander Netherlands 1852 5 2B
Wiersma, Hotze Merchant's Communication in Europe 1650-1810  5 3B
Bakker, Sybrand Y. Postal History of Internees and Pow's Held in Australia During WWII 8 3C
TSchroots, J.l.C.M + H.H.C Aviation and Air Mail Encyclopiedia Volume 2    5A
Hillesum, René Filatelie   5B
Brenis, Carlos Peru 1858 -1862 Study of Litographed Stamps 8 2D
Marquez, Henry Peru: 1896-1916 (Previous: Peru:1896- 1927) 5 3D
Asociacion Filatelica, Peruana Filatelia Peruana
Auleytner, Julian Beginnings of the Post in Independent Poland Nov. 1918-1920 8 3B
Auleytner, Julian Postal Communications in Haller's Blue Army 1917-1920   5A
Miętus,Mirosław Correspondence from Prussian Network of Rain Gauges Located Presently in Poland. Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) 1919-1920    5A
Ośródka, Leszek S. The History of Post in Lodz, 1824-1918. The Album of Postal Stamps Used in Lodz Post Offices Until 1918   5A
Fischer, Andrzej Catalogue of the Polish Stamps (and with Poland Connection) 2016 Vols. I, II
Śmiałkowski, Grzegorz Catalogue Joint  Issues of Polish Post   5C
Rebelo, Americo Lopes Articles about Maximafilia Published in Several Magazines, Refering to Years 2016/2017   5A
Republic of Korea      
Nam, Sang Wook  Air Mail Stamps of Korea 5 2C
 Chun, Kyu Chal The Korean Definitive Postage Stamps Issued of Basic Rate 170 Won Period (1997-2002) 5 4A
Park, Chun Hwa The Definitive Postage Stamps Issued of Basic Rate 250 Won Period (2006-2009) 5 4A
Lee, Jaewon International Mail Services in Korea During 1995 to 2017 5 4B
KPF (The Philatelic Federation of Korea) Philatelic Monthly Magazine "Woopyo" in the Year 2016    5B
Iordache, Lidia  Romania: Carol II with the Inscription "Posta" Impaired Stamp Issue 5 2B
Iordache, Victor Romania 1872-1880 8 2B
Constantin, Milu Classic Postal System of Romania 1858-1872 8 3B
Tăbăcaru, Octavian "K.u.K.Feldpost" 1914-1918, Vol. 4,5,6. Special
Catalogue Fieldpost Office Cancels.
Obukhov, Yuri Zemstvo Stamps of Perm Governorate (1871-1919) 8 WSC
Ryss, Igor Postal Emissions of Georgia 1919-1923 5 2B
Khairetdinov, Khaidar Russian Postal Military Censorship. 1914-1918 5 3B
MARKA JSC Magazine "Philately 2017"   5B
Kornilova, Svetlana Album Catalog "Our Favorite Artists: E. Gundobin"   5C
MARKA JSC Catalogue "The Postage Stamps of the Russian Federation 1992-2017"    5C
Obukhov, Yuri Large Catalog of Zemstvo Posts in Russia Part 1,2   5C
Zagorsky, Valery Russian Empire Zemstvo Postage Stamps 1866-1919   5C
Boricic, Aleksandar Serbia Postal History 1755-1915  8 3B
Stepanovic, Zoran Bosnia and Herzegovina 1826-1918, The Cancellations Study 8 3B
Philatelic Society of  Banja Luka Fakes and Forgeries in Philately of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1879-1918    5A
Tan, Ah Ee Straits Settlements Stamp Issues 1867 to 1899 8 2C
Yap, Paul North Borneo 1925-1945 5 2C
Tan, Wee Kiat Philatelic Ambassadors: Singapore Stamps of Joint Issues   5A
Tan, Wee Kiat Philatelic Rambling in Singapore: The Japanese Occupation 1942-1945    5A
Teo, Bee Yen Yilin Philately 2017   5B
Pisa, Julius 50 years of Perfin Use on the Czech and Slovak Territory (1898-1948) 5 2B
Divok, František The Postal Service in the Spiš County by Year 1920 5 3B
Jurkovič, Martin Field Post of Carpatho Ukraina 1919-1920 5 3B
Palka, Juraj Until Now Not Known Pre-Stamp Period Postmarks of Hungary    5A
Kranjc, Bojan Slovenia 1919-1920 Kron and Dinar Ordinary Post Stamps 8 2B
Markač, Marko Provisional Issue: Bosnia and Herzegovina 1918-1920 5 2B
Morenčič, Branko From Trieste and Istria to the Alps 1943-1954 5 3B
Alemany, Luis Spain: Postal History Before U.P.U; Rates during Isabel ll Reign. 1850-1865 8 WSC
Domeanech, Esteve The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land: 1655-1847, a Postal History Approach 5 3A
Pan de Alfaro, Estanislao The Concentration Camp of Miranda de Ebro and its History (1936-1946)  8 3B
Galaron Calvo, Andres Weekly Philatelic Items in the Diario De Burgos 2016/2018   5A
Strockenfeldt, Douglas Iceland until 1901 8 WSC
Berg, Jan Private Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies  up to 1900 8 2B
Ljungh, Jan-Olof From NDP to UPU. German Items sent to Overseas Destination 1.1.1868-1.7.1875 8 3B
Lithén, Gunnar FACIT Special Classic 2018    5C
Lithén, Gunnar FACIT Norden 2018   5C
Kimmel, Kurt E, Venezuela - The Classic Issues 1859-1879 8 2D
Eksombatchai, Prasatporn Siam (Thailand): King Rama VI to King Rama VIII 5 2C
Karnasuta, Charnchai World War I Siamese Postal History  8 3C
Sinchawla, Sanpal The Development of Postal Markings used in Burma 1825 to 1899 8 3C
Foongvanich, Prakit King Vajiravudh Rama VI and Prajadhipok Rama VII 8 WSC
Giray, Kemal Ottoman Empire - The "Dulos" Issues, 1865-1882 8 2B
Telman,Turgut Postage Due Stamps of Ottoman Empire 5 2B
Tokoglu, Necip Ottoman Postal History in the Balkans 1840-1918 8 3B
Tunaci, Atadan Ottoman Railway Postal History 8 3B
Cyprus Turkish Philatelic Society Cyprus Turkish Postal History   5B
United Kingdom       
Khalastchy, Alfred  Iraq British Occupation Issue from Baghdad and Iraq 1917-1923 (Previous title: British Occupation of Iraq 1917-1923) 8 WSC
Hackmey, Joseph The British Mandate of Palestine 5 2A
Hackmey, Joseph The Tughras of Turkey 5 2B
Hackmey, Joseph  Classic Switzerland 8 2B
Todd, Gregory Egypt 1866: The First Issue 8 2C
Richards, Simon Dominica - Postage Stamps 1874 to 1933 5 2D
King, Chris From Prussia to Plebiscite: The Duchy of Slesvig 1868-1920 8 3B
Dunbar, George Antigua: The Stamps & Postal History    5A
Dunbar, George Nevi's: The Stamps & Postal History 1661-1890    5A
Dunbar, George ST. Vincent: 1899-1965    5A
Khalastchy, Alfred  "Baghdad in British Occupation"  the Story of the 1917 Provisional Stamps    5A
Frenkel, Dmitry Airmail Stamps of RSFSR and USSR 1922-1940 8 WSC
Borukhovych, Petro Ukraine 1918: The Trident Overprints on Stamps of the Russian Empire 8 2B
Frenkel, Dmitry International airmail in Russian Empire, and  RSFSR,USSR 1870-1941 8 3B
Lyubinin, Joseph Provisory Issues of Kyiv and Chernihiv Regions 1992-1994 5 4A
Katsman, Vitally Zmestvo Post of Kharkov Province 1868-1918. Collectors Guidebook in 2 Volumes    5A
Kramarenko, Michael Big Russia -Specialized Catalog of Postal Stamps and Stationery. 1845-1923    5A
Drews, Richard The U.S. Issues of 1861-1868
Pildes, Robert B. Artists Drawings, Essays, Proofs and Associated Material of the 1948 Doar Ivri Issue of Israel 8 2A
Bass,  Michael Foreign Postal Operations in the Holy Land 1852-1914 8 3A
Becker, Jonathan The Conquest and British Military Administration of Palestine and (Greater) Syria: 1914-1920 8 3A
Held, David A. Israel Military Postal Services During the War of Independence May 1948 -June 1949 5 3A
Nogid, Henry The Four Siege Cities of 1948 8 3A
Sorokin, Nikolai Rossica: The Journal of the Rossica Society of Philately   5C